29 October 2008

Chilly days and heady times

October has practically come and gone, and while I did spend much of this month in the throes of angst and dread over my lecture, I also enjoyed some fun times...

Harvest Festival, St. Peter's Church - C of E, Barford -
Harvest Festival preparation and decoration day

The Altar Window, St Peter's Barford

Local events in our village and Sherbourne, the village 'next door' -


...and, no. I didn't go.

A Weekend Day Trip to Oxford -

The ruins of Godstow Abbey

The outer wall of Godstow Abbey ruins at sunset

Rider, horse and dog

Claridge's Night, Stratford-upon-Avon College -

Cheers, Darling English Boy!

No, that's not Posh Spice, its our lovely friend, Fiona

Andy and Tabs!

Charity Performance for Ruby at Newbold Comyn -

 D.E.B. and "Mr. Whistle" performing a tune

Diane Ponzio - Live in Concert! -

The Dynamic Duo with Diane (she's hold a copy of their demo CD!!!)

Diane Ponzio's priceless Martin Guitar

The D.E.B. gets a guitar lesson

I think I know what the D.E.B. wants for Christmas...

Folk Night Jamboree at The Denbigh Arms in Monk's Kirby -

"Mega-Diva" Chele rocking out with her man, Pete "The Music Man" Willow!

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