09 November 2008

Results in Hottest Brit Boy competition, and a new Brit Boy to Love

And the winners are...

1.) Colin Firth!! 
(Jane Austen fans unite! I would love to say that I shall be congratulating Colin on his victory in person, but alas, no.)

2.) Jonathan Rhys Meyers 
(JRM should be been disqualified because he is, in fact, Irish, but he remained in the poll because he is: a. incredibly hot, and b. currently playing Henry the Eighth who was, in fact, English.)

3.) Jude Law 
(...Be still my heart...)

4.) Clive Owen 

5.) A tie! Simon Pegg and Edward VIII tied for last place.
(Clearly, this is the category for women of character and substance!)

Note: Someone asked me why the D.E.B. had not be included as a choice in the "Hottest Brit Boy" poll. A very sweet thought, but I'm not into sharing. *Smile*

As promised, I have discovered a new Brit Boy to love: Matthew Goode. All I can say is "Goode golly," what a hottie! 

Yes, that is a beer AND a cigarette in his hand!

I just saw Matthew Goode in Brideshead Revisited. Super film, and the costumes are to die for!
It's the sort of movie that makes you think, "Why can't/don't we dress like that still?"
Speaking of Brideshead, going to the cinema last week was real experience. The D.E.B. booked tickets in advance, which in and of itself is not entirely unusual these days, on either side of the Atlantic. But wait, when we arrived at the Warwick Arts Centre, I found that this was not your typical movie-going excursion. 
First -- no popcorn.  
I was stunned, and doubted my overall ability to actually watch a film without a mountain of popcorn in front of me. This was going to be a challenge. There was Haagen Daz ice cream on offer instead, which was too weird for me to even contemplate. Thankfully, there was bar ready and waiting to serve us any drink of our choice. So, after ordering two glasses of red wine -- which we were able to take into the theatre with us -- we collected our tickets which had our assigned seats listed. Assigned seats? That we actually had to sit in? Whether we liked them or not?!  (I think freedom of choice and rebellion are quintessential American traits, it is programmed in our DNA.) At any rate it was a very good film, and one I would recommend just for the visual stimuli, if nothing else.


Just... Linda said...

Colin Firth... Mmmm... Well-deserved, I'd say.


SWC said...

He's cute but a bit of a thug for me-- is there something you aren't telling us?

Me, myself personally, like a softy like Tony Blair.

An American Girl in the UK said...

SWC- Go and see him in Brideshead Revisited...then you will understand! :)

Shanna said...

Colin Firth should always be # 1

An American Girl in the UK said...

Could agree with you more, Shanna! :)

Anonymous said...

I missed Brideshead Revisited when it was in the theatres here in Houston. In 1980 I saw the PBS version and was utter enchanted. Out of curiosity I just purchased Brideshead Revisited for $29.00 and felt that was excessive until I saw it. Matthew Goode was wonderful in his sensitive portrayal as Charles Ryder. I am going to see it again and again. He is the actor I am going to follow and wiil make sure to see all of his movies. He is the equal of Jeremy Irons whose movies I never miss. What a joy it is to have such a talented professional on the scene.

May Fojtik