16 February 2009

The Agony of 'De Feet', or, Why am I dreaming of shoes?

What is it about shoes? I have decided that our "shoe obsession" comes down to the fact that, unlike our bellies, backsides or thighs, our feet are the one part of our bodies that we cannot control or change. So, we are released from agonising or worrying about them. In other words, you just accept that your feet are your feet

That's not to say that our feet are exempt from being a source of frustration from time to time, of course they can be. But, at the end of the day, no matter how much you salivate over a beautiful pair of Manolo Size 38's, if your foot is a size 40 or 35, tough luck.

No amount of dieting, exercise or bribery is going to significantly alter your shoe size. There may be a few tears in the offing, but we do move on from such episodes with relative and incredible ease. 

We are able in a most effable way to make peace with our feet and our shoe size. We are even able to reconcile ourselves to our own individual, pedial limitations (e.g., inability to wear nose-bleed high heels for extended periods of time, and etc.), granting our feet a level of clemency that would be unimaginable to our more fleshy and recalcitrant limbs and bodily parts.   

"Just wanted to drop you line to say hello. No need to reply, just get in touch after your festivities this summer, when all the wedding stuff isn't eating your brain."        - Message from a high school chum who recently found me on Facebook

The current wedding dilemma "eating my brain" is shoes, glorious shoes. Bridal shoes are serious business. And, apparently, they are now the ultimate "statement" accessory (Thank you, Carrie Bradshaw), and as one friend advised me: "The shoes you choose are the definitive expression of your bridal personality." 

Bridal personality?! Oy vey. What a load of old rubbish, I thought when I heard that. But, now, I am obsessed with the idea. What is my "Bridal Personality"? And, how can one wee pair of shoes convey all that is my personality? 

Digging a bit deeper into this, the true "dilemma" is how in this one, brief, shining, important moment I am meant to capture and express "all that is me". That is a hefty order. And I think I might need more than one pair of shoes to do that...

Here are just a few of the ideas that have been dancing in my head...


How about these for a little "something blue"? These little beauties are designed and hand-made in Scotland by Caroline Thompson for Mandarina. Caroline's designs have a delightfully vintage aesthetic, and she uses fabrics that are always lush: silk, velvet, brocade, to die for...  £165.00 GBP 


Red is all the rage. These are Spanish, by Farfalla.  (on eBay.co.uk for £50. GBP)


Traditionalists, breathe a sigh of relief. Aren't these darling?! Kate Spade, of course. $300. USD


                     I nearly wept when I saw these. Electric Blue Roses by Karen Millen.                                            (on eBay.uk for £200. GBP)


jenny said...

Make sure , when you first try them on , they feel like slippers , because by the end of the day you will be grateful!!

Christiana said...

I love those Karen Miller ones! You could always get shoe clips too, to add extra flavor to a more simpler shoe.