31 March 2009

A little piece of home

The gifts I've chosen for my bridesmaids just arrived! I won't go into much detail here, in case one of them takes a sneak peek here. But, I am thrilled beyond belief and the items are better and more beautiful in person than I even imagined. I just have to say a word or two about the designer, Keiko, who I discovered at Etsy.com.

India Knight had recommended etsy.com in a recent article she wrote in The Times about being thrifty and the joy of crafting. (If you hadn't noticed, I want to be India Knight when I grow up. Or Nigella Lawson.) 

Etsy.com is a source for all things handmade, where you can purchase and special order gorgeous things directly from crafters themselves. It seems to me that most of the artisans are from the States, or perhaps I just seem to find those folks naturally. I was thrilled to find that Keiko,whose label is called "Pear22" is from Brooklyn. 

Brooklyn, Manhattan, it's all New York, and it felt really nice to be able to support a fellow New Yorker. And, sometimes, no matter how much you love your new surroundings, you just need a little piece of home. 

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