02 July 2009

Et tu, Brute?

Marlon Brando as Marc Antony in the film Julius Caesar (1953)

Procrastination and panic reigns supreme as I sit in my garden on this sweltering Thursday. I have been invited to give a lecture on Julius Caesar at the Royal Shakespeare Company on Monday afternoon. I am honoured beyond belief, and have had about three weeks to prepare, but due to one thing and another, I have left it until now to start panicking, I mean, prepping.

My head is still very firmly in the clouds since the wedding, and I've been attempting to catch up on all the things that fell by the wayside in the past few months. Our lovely friend Sally has requested my help on developing a one-woman performance piece based on the life and loves of Daisy, The Countess of Warwick, which she is performing near Warwick Castle next weekend. (I've even roped the D.E.B. into providing music for the piece, so it has become a family effort...) So, I have spent the day as scriptwriter-director for her when I should probably be pulling something together for my Caesar talk. Oy vey!

This weekend, our 'one month anniversary' festivities continue, as the D.E.B. and I have tickets to see Jude Law playing Hamlet at the Donmar Warehouse in  London. (Be still my heart!) Jude Law could walk out on stage and read from the telephone directory and I'd give him a standing ovation! All I can say, is finally, this Shakespeare thing is starting to pay off.

Oh, well, back to Caesar...which at least offers me a chance to gander at some fab photos of Marlon Brando as Mark Antony... 

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Sofie said...

Hey American girl! I am a Belgian girl that came to America for love! To Houston, Texas out of all places! :O)