20 September 2009

Holiday, celebrate

Excellent day at Coughton Court yesterday! Even ended up as a "Live Spot" on BBC1 "Midlands Today".

Full details upon my return!

Off with the D.E.B. for a week's holiday in the Lake District until 28 September.

Until soon...

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londongirl said...

Ah, Alycia...you continue to inspire...and you do know that the Shakespeare food book should be...and in the world of shimmery zen, already is...a delightfully winning film that takes cinemas worldwide by storm! Not to mention the spin-off public television series that features you in all sorts of culinarily literary adventures...My Pie, My Kingdom for a Pie...Thinking of you dazzling all in and among the Throckmorton blooms brings a smile to my face! Bravo, dear one, Bravo!