24 November 2009

Home and heartache

Home after a restful holiday in Wales. 

Flu has lingered over two weeks, finally starting to subside. Still feel lousy. Lousy feeling compounded by the fact that Lucy, The Princess Puppy is at the vets today. She was fine while we were away, and seemed to enjoy herself. 

Our first day back, and she seems to have injured her right back leg in some way. She's not putting any weight on it. So, today she was in for x-rays. Going to collect her in a few minutes with the DEB and have a word with the vet.

She torn her ACL ligament on her left leg two years ago, so I am beside myself with panic as she may have done the same to her "good" leg now.

I feel incredibly small and afraid. I don't want to be a grown up. I want to go back in time, and be 8 years old and have my mom/mum to step in make this all better. :(

Well, as Britain is a nation of dog lovers, I am sure Lucy will have the very best of care here.

When I think about it, Lucy has had a rather amazing life. Unlike quite a few humans I know, Lucy actually has a passport, and has used it well.

She has danced in the Irish Sea, and sniffed the fresh, brisk air in the land of her Welsh ancestors. 

Not bad. 

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