06 December 2009

On the air

This past Friday, I had the amazing experience of being a “Coffee Club” guest on The Annie Othen Show on BBC Radio Coventry & Warwickshire.

What a blast!

I arrived at 10:00 AM to be greeted by Annie’s adorable assistant, Rosie, who made me a coffee, and introduced me to my fellow “Coffee Clubbers” for the day.  

Today’s Coffee Club featured writers, and I had the good fortune to joined by the legendary “Mills and Boon” authoress, Sara Craven, author of over 80 (!!) romance novels for the juggernaut enterprise; and Mez Packer, the force of nature behind the award-winning debut novel, Among Thieves.

It was an incredible morning, and I felt honoured and humbled to be in their company --especially at this time, when I am wrestling with my own ambition and sense of direction.

Annie Othen was a fabulous host, she was bubbly as a glass of champers, and kept the conversation going by giving us a range of topics into which we could really sink our teeth.

Annie Othen at the helm!

I am indebted to my friend Ella Myles, a Coffee Club regular, who suggesting me to Annie & Co.

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