24 February 2010

Where there's smoke...

What a way to spend the morning!

I've just been admiring the cracked, weathered beauty of reclaimed bricks, and discussing the virtues of Spanish slate, Yorkshire ash concrete, Cotswold stone, and English limestone.

Lily was impressed by the re-claimed bricks, too!

Just spent the past hour meeting with, Jim, one of the DEB’s brother’s best mates who is an exceptional builder and craftsman. Jim is proposing designs for the fireplace in our new living room.

The DEB spent the weekend stripping our chimney-breast of its ghastly 1970s-inspired wallpaper, and now we hope to transition the fireplace from a funky, uber-mod gas fire (complete with its designer, faux sea stones for a fake, beach-side fire effect) in favour of a more rustic, real fire.

Jim has given us tons of options, and loads of ideas to consider.  With such infinite possibilities, it makes me hope, just a little, that winter will last forever!



Heather said...

oh wonderful! I'd love to have a fireplace in our living room - maybe when the kids are past the trying to climb in it stage...

Spike 1 said...

It feels like it on the East Coast. We are bracing for Winter storm #4. Phila has had more snow than Syracuse this year.

I love winter but i'm over it for this year. Enjoy the new homestead!

Anonymous said...

I saw this post on fireplaces at one of my favorite design sites and thought you might find it useful or at least interesting given the redo project with yours.