18 August 2009

Birthday panic

The D.E.B. and I share the same birthday: 22 August. 

That is four days from today. In truly uncharacteristic fashion, I have somehow allowed this significant date to sneak upon me without warning.

What am I going to do?!

 I am normally several steps ahead of the game, and usually have more than one sassy trick up my sleeve. Not this time. I got nothing.

I have no idea what to get him for a birthday present! And the clock is ticking.
Our birthday plans have only now taken shape in the past few days. We are having a weekend away in the Cotswolds in our little camper van.

With the work and preparation for my Lit Fest appearance next month, and a Shakespeare lecture on The Winter's Tale, for the University of Helsinki next week, I'm just drowning. So much for my attempt at being the "Goddess Wife." Nigella would have managed all of this with ease, prepared some deep-fried Mars Bars and baked a cake...

Oh, well. I still have a bit more time to make some magic happen.
Speaking of magic...magic moment last night as we had dinner in the garden.
I asked the D.E.B. what he'd like most for his birthday. He responded by smiling his beautiful smile, and putting his hand on my belly. Oh, my.

Well, we shall have to see about that. I wish that, too. I would love to make him a dad. I've never met a man who needs and should be a dad as much as my D.E.B. does. And I'm not alone in thinking so. So many of his female friends have said to me: "I'v e always thought he would make such a fabulous dad." I think they're right.

So, I guess we need to start thinking about all that then. On top of everything else. But, what a delightful thought.

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Deidre said...

This is so sweet! Good luck!