29 October 2009

Alas, it is true!

Sage readers:

To put your many troubled minds at ease...

The story relayed to me by Tricia Stewart of her friend who successfully promoted her work herself, is in fact ... TRUE!

From The Telegraph: "Preethi Nair duped the literary world by leading a double life to get her novel noticed. It paided off."

Check her out...Preethi Nair.



Kate said...

Why do you say, "Alas, it is true"? Aren't you glad the story was true?

I am! Though I believe the editor who commented before. I'm happy for Preethi, but I wouldn't try it myself.

An American Girl in the UK said...

I agree! Preethi's got guts, but more than I could muster, that's for sure! :)