24 October 2009

Undeniable proof there's a God...

1.) US retailers Anthropologie to up stores in the UK

The mothership has found me at last! 

(Now, if only J.Crew would follow suit, my life would be complete...)

Anthropologie UK


2.) Lakeland’s Yorkshire Pudding Pan

Thunderous and reverberant sounds of the “Hallelujah Chorus” being sung when I opened my oven door last Sunday, to reveal the most perfect, light, airy, delicious and EFFORTLESS Yorkshire puddings I have ever made. Take that, Nigella!



3.) Libby’s Tinned Pumpkin back in stock at American Sweets Company

They have 3,000 tins of this precious, precious stuff in stock this season for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. One can only wonder…will there  be enough???!

Life without Pumpkin Pie simply is not worth living.

American Sweets Company

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Anonymous said...

Hey, just stumbled across this thread and would like to let you know about another UK website which sells all thing american (www.americangoodies.co.uk) it's pretty new but looks cool :)