12 January 2009

Good Karma

My prayers to the “Beauty Gods” have been answered!

Just discovered a wonderful, wonderful beauty salon in Warwick.  The salon called Karma Beauty, is run by Claire who is a waxing wizardess! Not only were her services cheaper than what I used to pay in NYC, she is super fast! The other day I walked in at 6:25 PM, and I was back on the street by 6:40 PM! I’m not kidding! And that was eyebrows, lip, and “Hollywood”. She’s fab! And a real sweetie, to boot!


p.s. Tell Claire I sent you!


SWC said...

uhm... what's a hollywood? Sounds very southern region and scary

albertine said...

I think Claire is wonderful too. Maybe we should set up a Claire at Karma fan club. I have been going to her now for years - she does a brilliant
electrolysis, which was rare at one time.