28 January 2009


I have been a tagged on Facebook and by Victoria Plum. When you get "tagged" you are meant to respond by creating a list of "Random Things" about yourself. Facebook asked for 25 Random Things, and Victoria Plum has asked for 6 Random Things. So to split the difference, here are "11 Random Things about Me":

1.) I secretly love Country Music.
2.) Have always wished that I had learned to play the cello as a child, instead of violin.
3.) Would love to one day have twins -- how very Shakespearean.
4.) Not afraid of heights, but seriously afraid of falling.
5.) I "sound" tall, and people are often surprised when they meet me at how tall I am not.
6.) Would love to go on an archaeological dig with the "Time Team".
7.) Would love to be a contestant on "Mastermind" with specialist subject: "Shakespeare" OR  "Blackadder - Series 2: Elizabethan Era".
8.) Believe nothing in life is ever truly random.
9.) Would love to meet Rowan, Archbishop of Canterbury.
10.) Would love to be the Archbishop of Canterbury, or at least "The Vicar of Dibley." 

11.) First met my D.E.B. in the checkout lane in Tesco in 1996.

I am passing the "Tagged Torch" on to: 


Random Thoughts said...

Do I really have to create new random things about me....? Okay I will find 11 more, but here are my 25.


shes not from Yorkshire said...

hey darlin'
We'll get on the case soon... maybe a special post soon! I am enjoying reading about your bridezilla moments haha...