25 September 2008

Deadly sins and green-eyed monsters

Apple trees.
As I walked home from "Morning Prayer" at St. Peter's this morning, I realized my soul is in mortal danger. I am guilty of the deadly sin of envy. 
I covet my neighbo(u)r's apple tree. With the arrival of autumn and the shortening days, the apple tree in our next door neighbo(u)rs (a lovely Irishman and his very sweet girlfriend) garden has sprung into magnificent bloom. The tree is heavy with beautiful fruit, and some of the apples have begun to blush. 
Recently I have caught myself on a number of occasions, peering longingly at Kevin and Laura's apple tree from my office window. I want an apple tree. I DESERVE an apple tree! I have begun to obsess about apple trees. 
While we were out walking Lucy one late summer evening, D.E.B. and I began a conversation about eventually buying a house of our own -- we are only renting/letting this place for the time being.  We talked about the kind of place we dreamt of having. Thankfully, our tastes are very similar. We both prefer older homes to new. Cottages to townhouses or 'executive homes.' A garden is, of course, essential and fireplaces. But, above all else, I made it very clear that my most essential requirement is an apple tree! I have no idea whence this obsession with apple trees has come. Not so terribly long ago, I was a sassy Manhattan diva who would have openly and rampantly coveted another woman's Manolos, her handbag, her lipstick or her job. 
Speaking of shoes, my cute, little rain boots have become a real hit and the topic of many a conversation about the Village. 
They are adorable and I love them. I live in them. They are in fact, the most comfortable shoes I own. I wear them, rain or shine. I don't care, and I am quite spoiled about it. They are made by a company called "Western Chief" and the company's motto, stamped on the back of each boot, is: "Wear a Big Smile." And from the moment I saw them, all I did was smile. I bought them ages ago in NYC, and I lived in them even then, back in the City. The way I guess some folks are enamo(u)red of their UGG boots, though I fail to see the fascination there. I have friend who loathes UGG boots, and seeing people in them. To her, she says, the UGG boots, with their lamb's wool lining, always give the appearance of being 'smelly.' Well, my Wellies are not smelly, and have a cheering affect wherever I go. They have become my "conversation starters," and have facilitated many an introduction for me here. "Those are great Wellies, aren't they? Where did you get them?" I am often asked as I am out walking Lucy, or striding down the aisles in Sainsbury's. I stop, smile and say, "New York." And thus, a new acquaintance is made.  
So, perhaps we all have things that others might covet, desire or admire. 

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Joanne Rendell said...

"Kinky Boots" !! You must be rockin' that English village!