19 September 2008

First impressions - Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Tuesday, 26 Aug 2008
Barford, Warwickshire

My first full day in Barford.
Beautiful rural village in the heart of Warwickshire - my beloved "Shakespeare Country."
Serpentine country lanes slinking through lush, emerald green fields. Roadsides lined with delicate, white morning-glories, red poppies, and nearly black boysenberries.

Lucy and I walked a mile about the village this morning, and wandered up to "Middle Watchbury Farm." There, the City Princess Puppy had her first experience of barnyard animals. She delighted in all the new smells: freshly-tilled earth, hay, sheep, and pigs. She was completely fascinated by the pigs in their pen. And she gleefully chased chickens across the barn yard.

The weather -- what I call "English perfect" - warm, overcast, grey with a breeze, and sudden bursts of sunlight. Perfect running weather, perfect weather for writing, perfect weather for a moody girl like me.

I am living the life I imagined, as Thoreau once said, and I think I have come home... 

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