19 September 2008

Settling in - 10 September 2008

Today - 10 Sept 2008

Splendid day!

- 5K run through Barford to Sherbourne and back.

-Pruned back the flowers in the windows boxes -- remembered why I have always hated geraniums.

-Visited Sherbourne Nursery to seek advice about window boxes. Ours are quite sad at this point. With the recent rain, the geraniums have given up the fight, and surrendered. We will have our first dinner guest here in a few days, Kerry. A friend of Mark's, originally from England, but now living in the States. Would love to get awful, dying window boxes sorted before then. It is so nice to have "garden dilemmas" now. What a refreshing change from 
my garden-less, window-box-less life in NYC ...

Lily - my erstwhile cranky, apartment cat is now frolicking merrily in her new English garden. She is at this moment playfully attacking the ends of the laundry on the
 washing line...

Lily, on the look out for birds and butterflies

Lily, Lily, no longer contrary, how does you English garden grow?
With hollyhocks, foxgloves, and lilacs the colo(u)r of precious amethyst,
With rosemary, rue, climbing ivy, creeping myrtle, wild loganberries.
And geraniums, of course.

 The Princess Puppy turned Country Dog

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