19 September 2008

The reason why ...

My Darling English Boy
(hereafter referred to as D.E.B.)


Joanne Rendell said...

Love the new blog! And particularly love your mini-roundabout!!

Kim said...

He's a hottie but all that kitchen-laundry-food-flowers-splendid talk is freaking me out a little! (Aw, I'm just jealous!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this with me... I'm glad you found yourself a good one :-)

MAnjali said...

I appreciate this blog very much because I am applying to post-graduate study out in England and am leaving to move there on July 3rd. Also for an English boy. And also because I've always imagined my life in England ever since I was little as well. Blame it on Excalibur or whatever. I always felt that I was English. I used to love the fact that my mother's family came from England and would ask why they didn't just stay in England because I can't and couldn't figure out leaving.

All I can think about is going. Landing in the UK, I will then indeed have landed in all aspects. How apropos then is it that my arrival coincides with July 4th and the Independence celebration of our nation from the tyranny of the British Empire that this American girl returns to England on America's birthday?

Independence Day indeed.

Thank you for this blog. I needed to read this.


An American Girl in the UK said...

Good luck to you, MAnjali. You'll love it here!! :)