30 December 2008

Holiday report

We're off "up North" later this morning. Celebrating New Year's in Cumbria with "the rellies."
Been up since half 6, working on a letter of recommendation for a former student -- some things never change! 

I have 10, 000 things to do to finish off our preparations, but actually I'd love to just sit here and write. So many things to catch up on and tell. Need to fill in how the D.E.B. and I spent Christmas Day and "Boxing Day" (Boxing Day, such a civilised and sensible idea. Something that surely should have spread to the colonies). The Queen's speech (I love the Queen!), the Times recently declaring this "The Year of the Wife" (interesting...)

And then, the New Year. Gosh, so much more to think and write about: change, uncertainty, hope for the future, new beginnings, the forthcoming Obama presidency (I love Michelle Obama, she shops at J. Crew!). How far things have come, and how far we have to go. Knowledge gained, lessons still to be learned. New challenges, and the same old doubts.

But briefly, for now: happy, happy, joy, joy. Blessings all round.

p.s. My tiara finally arrived (from California) late yesterday.  Just in time for some New Year's sparkle. 


Random Thoughts said...

It is positively stunning!!!

SWC said...

The year of the wife? Sounds a bit 50's and Father Knows Best. I am having visions of wifey types hunched over the kitchen table doing bills and demanding that the children stop texting their friends to cut down of the cellphone bills. Its all so post-war....