29 December 2008

More on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a flurry of activity. The jam-making factory was in full-swing, and by the time the D.E.B. made it home from work, I had most of my wares packaged and ready for delivery around the village. 

The D.E.B. surprised me by coming home early with a beautiful arrangement of red and white tulips. After a kiss and a cuddle, we sat and did a round of last minute Christmas cards – I cannot believe I STILL have more to do before New Year! 

One of the D.E.B.’s friends stopped by for a cup of tea, and then off we went around Barford delivering cards and decorated jars of "Grapefruit, Lemon & Lime" chunky marmalade. I even plucked up enough courage to give one to our Barford W.I. Lady President. 

After trekking around the village, the D.E.B & I came home and watched “Harry Potter” – we’ve decided to catch up on them all over Christmas.

After the movie, the D.E.B. was a flurry of activity. I should have noticed something was afoot... He dashed about looking for the CD I gave him last Christmas: “A Ceremony of Carols” performed by the Choir of (my much-beloved old parish) the Church of St. Luke in the Fields, NYC. 

The old, familiar, St. Luke's sound filled me instantly with longing. “I have a present I’d like to give to you now.” said The D.E.B. “Oh, that’s sweet, but let’s just wait until after Church,” I said sleepily, hoping to get a nap in before Midnight Mass. But he insisted, “I want to give you this present now.”

He told me to close my eyes. What was I expecting? Chanel No. 5? I don’t know. When I opened my eyes and saw a ring box in his hands, I was quite honestly stunned and surprised. When he knelt down before me, in front of our twinkling Christmas tree, I thought I was going pass out. I started to hyperventilate. When he placed the glistening, platinum solitaire on my finger, all I could do was cry. 

The poor Boy was so worried that I hadn’t said: “Yes.” I explained that of course the answer was yes, how could he think otherwise? “Darling English Boy," I said, "I was just waiting until I could breathe again.” The D.E.B. explained, of course he’s wanted to ask me to marry him, how could I think otherwise? “Darling Girl," he said, "I was just waiting until I could found the perfect, romantic moment.”

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