07 April 2009

Having my cake, and eating it, too

Warwickshire cake baker, Sally McCluskey, has had a go at producing an American wedding cake for me and The D.E.B. to sample. She delivered it to The D.E.B.'s office this morning and we are having a cake fest when he gets home tonight. I can't wait! I really, really hope it's what I'm looking for...

I scoured the 'net for wedding cake recipes, but all I could find was the weird, wacky and innovative. All I wanted is a plain and simple wedding cake. There is a certain taste that traditional American wedding cakes have, that anyone who has ever had one knows. It is quite simply divine, and inexplicable. I have no idea what the "flavo(u)rs" are that go into it. It's just dreamy. In the end, I did find a recipe that seemed straight-forward enough. We then had to convert the measurements so Sally could re-produce it with English tools and devices.

She stopped by a few weeks ago, and we had a great meeting. She had loads of magazines and pictures for me to look at. I like her aesthetic: simple, clean lines. And she really liked the idea of a "Poetry cake": a three-tiered cake with lines of poetry written along the sides.

Anyway, Sally is super talented, so I have very high hopes. Here's her website: Cake Vision UK 


giftsofthejourney said...

Mmm...I love wedding cake especially American.

Has the D.E.B. ever eaten American wedding cake?

Random Thoughts said...

I hope it is perfect. I can't wait to hear!