14 April 2009

Watching time

Time is running smoothly once again in Barford. 

This weekend, on Holy Saturday in fact, the village celebrated the official "Re-instatement of the Church Clock," the central time keeping device of our village.

The time piece, designed by Oldham  & Co., dates back to the late 19th C.; and thanks to the great generosity of a long-standing village resident (now deceased), the clock has been restored to its formerly glory and magnificance. 

We all gathered in the churchyard at 11:50 AM, and after a few words of thanks and dedication,the lovely chimes began to ring out, just as the vicar promised, at roughly 33 seconds before noon. 

So now, it seems that Barford is precisely 33 seconds ahead of the rest of the world.
Oh, well, better to be ahead than behind...

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