01 April 2011

A bit of inspiration

First of all, I'm rubbish at math(s)! I have been saying that I have completed 2.8K in training for my 5K swim. I have, in fact, completed 3.7K! 

Clearly, simple addition is not a strong suit of mine.

So, the start of the Swimathon looms, my neck strain has returned, and I fear my Coffee Morning's going to be one gigantic failure! And, to crown all, like a fool, I raised our target fundraising goal to £1000. 

Needless to say, I'm stressed, panicked and anxious.

True to form, I have decided to procrastinate by focussing on randomly related things. My latest distractionary obssession is...Swimming Caps. 

In an attempt to source something that will keep my hair from getting in the way and/or turning green, the following have caught my eye. A winsome homage to glamourous era of Elizabeth Taylor?


Anya adores said...

I think it's fab that you are doing it. I have been fooling myself - got my trainers out, bought a new pair of running pants - and have I gone out yet. nah!!
A xx
Happy weekend - and I may run tomorrw - ish ;O)

An American Girl in the UK said...

Good for you! Go for it!! xx

Nick said...

"I'm rubbish at math(s)!"

It's funny how Americans say "math" and Brits/Aussies (ie me) say "maths"