28 April 2011

The count down has begun!

The Royal Wedding is less than 24 hours away! Where does the time go? And, where, oh where, has the great, warm, sunny weather gone?!
In the midst of last-minute street party planning -- at some point I completely lost my head and seem to have invited half the village to come along! Our small gathering has now blossomed into a massive get-together!
Shakespeare's Birthday Celebrations, postponed from last weekend due to Easter, have been re-scheduled for the day after the Royal Wedding...and just when I think I can't possibly do more...I get an invitation to write a syndicated piece on the Royal Wedding for BlogHer!!
I was staggered, and had less than 24 hours to write it! (Well, less than 5 hours really, factoring in all the hours spent freaking out and procrastinating...)
And, just add to my village life's rich tapestry, the Drama Group have decided they want to an abridged version of A Midsummer Night's Dream for the Village Show this summer. Of course, the first read-thru for casting was scheduled for tonight. So, I spent the evening in two zones, rehearsing in GMT, whilst sweating about meeting my deadline in L.A. I left at the coffee break, and ran home to post my feature.

Take a peek: "Royal Wedding Fever"

By the way, The DEB and I ending up being cast as Oberon and Titania...
Clearly, love is in the air!

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