02 April 2011

Now, I'm ready!

I purchased this fetching piece of swim kit yesterday from a sweet, little shop in Oxford, called "Saratoga". 
The staff there were helpful and knowledgeable, when I rang up. I shared my hair and swimming dilemmas with them, and they immediately suggested this lovely Hedgehog hat.
Isn't it adorable!? 
If this doesn't inspire me to meet my 10k goal, I don't know what will!
Saratoga Fine Lingerie have made a friend for life in me! Stressing to them that I'd like to start my swim today (which I would), they guaranteed delivery and indeed, it arrived early this afternoon. 
And, so, with my light-blue swim costume/suit, I shall match the lovely Marie Curie Cancer Care logo:

Go, Team DEB!!!

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