20 March 2011

Grab yer wellies, and let the gardening begin!

The DEB and I are getting a jump start on the first day of Spring, working in the garden today. He is re-designing our patio area, removing the buff grey slabs and terracotta edging to make way for some sexy wooden decking. The slabs and edging are in very good shape, just not our style, so the DEB has placed them for sale on Gumtree, but we've had no interest so far.
I spent the day weeding my little 'wild flower patch' where Lucy's ashes are buried. My snowdrops have finally arrived, HURRAH! And the purple anemones are so lovely, they brought tears to my eyes, it was like Lucy saying "Hello!" I miss her terribly, and have to say that in many ways I've amazed myself with how well I have recovered, there were days I thought I would never stop crying.
Last week, I took a walk with our Sally and her pooch, Poppy. Just like the mums on the school-run, the dog-parents gather on the playing field for a morning nutter. I surprised myself, in not feeling bereft among them. "Where's your dog?" Terry asked, forgetting that she's no longer with us. I smiled, and he remembered. They say that time heals all wounds, and I suppose that's true.
Weeding is an endless task, and I'm very thankful that our garden is tiny for that reason. We've been offered 1/3 of an allotment -- allotments in Barford are like gold dust! So it's a real privilege to be asked to have a share in one. I'd love to have a little patch for an apple tree, and some savoy cabbage maybe. But, an allotment is a real commitment. That's your weekends, holidays and evenings spoken for! Upkeep is a must. Here in Barford, if your allotment is left untended and becomes unkempt, someone will come round and have a quiet word. 
The DEB's not so keen on the allotment idea, and today was a clear reminder to me why that view makes a great deal of sense. Especially now that we've rediscovered our love of swimming. There are some super holidays to be had in that regard. There's a super looking new book out called Wild Swimming, that outlines a host of outdoor swimming holes, lakes and rivers across the country.
Right, nearly time to start the tea; and I need to work on my "Street Party" flyers -- hoping to get them out to all the neighbours today. Good feedback so far! Everyone seems really keen to make it happen. Also, need to get my flyers out for my Coffee Morning for Marie Curie Cancer Care. 
...Who am I kidding, to think I could manage an allotment, as well!!

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