30 March 2011

How cute are these?

Less than a month until the Royal Wedding, and good news! 
After morning prayers today, someone offered me some Union Jack napkins and Union Jack bunting for my Royal Wedding Street Party! Hurrah, hurrah!
All I need now are these ...
Aren't they cute?!

Lovely bone china mugs from John Lewis. This one's my favourite!

This one's nice too!


Victoria Plum said...

You can always guarantee that JL will come up with the goods! How lovely and classy ... might have to pop and get one! I am also tempted by the Emma Bridgewater mugs ... trouble is she has put William and Kate - which doesn't cut it for Princess Catherine! £40 is also a bit excessive for a mug!


An American Girl in the UK said...

Yes, the Emma Bridgewater one is rather nice, too. But, a little pricey. The John Lewis ones are a snip at £9.00!!

Expat mum said...

I definitely think you need to add Brussels sprouts to your poll. I get so much stick over here for the Brits love of them, that even if they have a foreign name, they should get a mention!
And pop over to Pond Parleys to see which wedding memorabilia we're talking about!