01 March 2011

Royal fever

As India Knight wrote in The Sunday Times recently, all attempts to resist "Royal wedding fever" are, in fact, futile. And really, why resist? Love is a beautiful thing, and marriage is an precious gift. I'm absolutely thrilled for William and Kate. What a lovely, gorgeous couple!

And, and why not celebrate? I have just put in my initial request with the Council for the forms and paperwork necessary for "street closures". All things being equal, I'm hoping to host a traditional, English street party in honour of the royal couple on their wedding day, 29 April!

I shall keep you posted, Dear Reader, as I have heard these requests can be quite thorny. And, obviously, I will need to the support and agreement of everyone else who lives along my street. But, honestly, who doesn't like a bit of bubbly?

Prince William and Catherine "Kate" Middleton

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Victoria Plum said...

Good luck! I hope you manage to organise a street party! I still (vaguely!) remember going to a street party for Charles and Diana!