30 March 2011

Mere trifles, and a bit of faking

The Marie Curie Cancer Care Swimathon is a mere 8 days and 11 hours away!!
My training is going well, and I have clocked up 2.8k in training so far as a lead up to our big 10k swim, which starts next week. 
I've suffered from awful neck strain, my legs ache, my arms feel like lead, and my hair has turned green, but as much as it hurts, it feels really great to be "doing good".
In addition to swimming as much as I can, I am also doing an Aquafit class for aerobic training to build up my stamina. 
My trainer, Trisha Quinn is quite amazing. As she watches us jumping and gurgling in the pool, she often chirps: "That's it ladies, keep it going! And, if you get weary, just dance!" Hmm, I think there's a rule for life in there somewhere...
We've had a really great response to our Swimathon efforts. Hazel, a lady from from my Aquafit class, has asked to join our team. So now, our overall team Swimming goal has jumped to 15K! 
Our fundraising is going really well, too. Our initial fundraising goal was very modest: £300. I just didn't think I had it in me to fund-raise. But, the support has been really incredible. And, I've caught the fundraising bug! It is amazing how fearless you can become when you really believe in something.
We have solicited support, with a zeal that has surprised even me. (My mother will be so proud that I'm following firmly in her charitable footsteps.) As a result, I have upped our Team goal to £1000! (...Maybe I'm being too ambitious?...)
Feeling generous? 
We'd love your support! 
Here's a link to a the secure donation site: Marie Curie Cancer Care Swimathon
Look us up under "Simply Swim", type in "Alycia".
Not that I needed another challenge, but I decided to have a fundraising Coffee Morning at Barford Church, next Monday. I have NO IDEA how to organise a Coffee Morning, that oh, so British ladies' institution. 
Thankfully, my very generous neighbours have offered help by baking cakes and goodies. Marie Curie head office are sending balloons and decorations, so it should look very nice.
Several local vendors have also been very generous in offering me an array of VERY NICE raffle prizes: including a gorgeous rug from The Polished Floor and Carpet Co. in Leamington Spa, and two extra special massage/pamper packages. So, hopefully, with the £5 donation, and the raffle we will inch closer to our £1000 goal.
All of this is taking much more time and effort than I had expected. (Live and learn!) I am really glad that I have done it, but, my goodness! 
This week, I am working on submitting and application to the RSC for their "Open Stages" project, on behalf of the Barford Drama Group. And, of course, there's the Royal Wedding Street Party to organise and arrange!
With all of this swimming, fundraising, prepping and planning, I lost track of a major obligation I had for this past Saturday. Last Saturday night was the annual WI Quiz. The WI Quiz is one of the hottest tickets of the year in Barford. 
Like a madwoman, I volunteered to make a pudding/dessert for the Quiz Supper. I was so proud of myself for raising my hand to volunteer during the meeting. "I'll make a lovely Chocolate Cake," I thought to myself. 
Just as I was settling into my dreams of chocolate decadence, I was brought swiftly out of my revelry by the following words: "You should all make the same pudding, to keep things consistent. Ladies, please make a Trifle."
My heart sank. 
I have never made a Trifle. I love them, of course, and find them simply divine, but they are  far, far out of my culinary welkin!
And thus, I panicked. And did what any sensible American Girl would do -- I fake it. I bought all the ingredients and asked (begged) someone else to make it for me!
God bless our dear, dear blessed Sally. What a saint she is! On the promise that I will one day allow her to show me how "easy" it is to make a Trifle, Sally, graciously made my WI Trifle for me! Bless her!
I'm not really a coward, I have just been so, so overwhelmed, I just could not do or take on more.  
I will certainly deserve a little break after all this is said and done!
One lovely, well-deserved treat recently: I luxuriated in the indulgence of a gourmet evening at Stratford College with my DEB last Friday. It was, as usual, a fabulous evening of gorgeous food and wine. The next day is always spent in the grips of a marvelous "food hangover".
And certainly felt it in training the next week! Alas, no long-term rest for the wicked! 

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janerowena said...

That did make me laugh - in my suffolk village, although i do not belong to the WI many of my older - and very bossy - friends, do. I can be called up and asked to make a casserole for a charity lunch, and just as I am thinking 'beef in red wine' or 'pork in cider' I will be interrupted by 'I'll bring over the recipe, all the dishes have to be the same'. I have never yet asked why, perhaps I should!